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Dralla Foundation was founded by Peter Allard, President of Allard USA: manufacturer of a range of orthopedic devices designed to improve physical function and enhance the quality of life for individuals with physical challenges. The testimonials of the wearers of these devices inspired Peter to give back to individuals with physical challenges and start Dralla Foundation. Dralla will award grants to other organizations that align with our mission.


Review Board


Board Members

The Dralla Foundation Review Board is comprised of members who have dealt personally with or work with those that have physical challenges.  They believe in the unique mission of Dralla that is specific in its focus on making unforgettable days happen and enjoy working together to achieve that goal.


  •       Jennifer Buehler      Grant Program Administrator


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Our Mission

The mission of Dralla Foundation is to support programs geared toward providing an environment for children and adults with physical challenges to have fun!

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