Welcome to our website! We hope you enjoy looking through our pictures, videos and testimonials to learn what we are making possible for so many people. Since 2011, Dralla Foundation has been awarding grants to organizations that serve people with physical challenges, to give them unforgettable days. These unforgettable days have taken place on land, on sea, and even in the air! We have sent people up in hot air balloons, given people the chance to try adaptive archery, biking, and other adaptive sports, given the experience of sitting between the hulls of a catamaran and so much more!

Giving individuals with physical challenges an unforgettable day!


Unforgettable days awarded since 2011

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The mission of Dralla Foundation is to make unforgettable days possible for adults and children with physical challenges by partnering with non-profit organizations and providing funding to support their events.

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