Dralla Foundation was founded by Peter Allard, President of Allard USA, manufacturer of a range of orthopedic devices designed to improve physical function and enhance the quality of life for individuals with physical challenges.

The testimonials of the wearers of these devices inspired Peter to give back to individuals with physical challenges and start Dralla Foundation. Dralla will award grants to other organizations who share their mission.

Peter Allard, President


Review Board


Beth Deloria

Beth Deloria has been using Allard AFO’s since 2005.  It started in 2004, when she suffered spinal trauma.  After subsequent surgeries left her with foot drop, Deloria had tremendous difficulties walking. It was in 2005 that she started a search for braces that would help her to walk again.  That is when she found Allard USA and was fit with new AFO’s which allowed her to return to an active lifestyle including running marathons all over the United States.  

In January 2012 she began working with Allard USA as Manager of Community Outreach and that year alone she ran in over 20 half marathons spreading the message to others that they can “Get Back Up”. Her involvement with Dralla is part of her personal mission to raise awareness for people with mobility issues.

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Wendy Garrett

Wendy Garrett spent most of her life involved in gymnastics and is now a gymnastics coach.  She was always very active until an injury almost derailed her in 2011.  While living and coaching in Bermuda, she was riding her motorized scooter to work when she was hit by a car and pinned under the scooter. Garrett found herself unable to control her left leg and could not stand on it without external support. After seeing many doctors, she finally learned she had an incomplete spinal cord injury at L4, a spinal syrinx in her neck and additionally a diagnosis of foot drop, paralysis of the foot and ankle.  With that diagnosis, she was prescribed an Allard ToeOFF® AFO.  Since then, not only has she become active again, but in 2018, she completed the Abbott World Marathon Majors, a series of 6 of the most prestigious marathons in the world.

Garrett is an asset to the board, providing the perspective of someone with a mobility challenge.  “I am extremely honored to be joining Dralla Foundation as a board member.  I’ve been the recipient of support and assistance from various organizations that helped me gain confidence in my disability and allowed me to live my life to the fullest.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to pay it forward! My passion is helping others and reminding everyone that we can do hard things. Dralla Foundation creates unforgettable memories and I’m extremely grateful to be a part of that.”    

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Josh Ahlstrom

Josh Ahlstrom brings to Dralla over 20 years of experience working in orthotics and prosthetics.  “I chose the field of orthotics because I thought it was a unique blend of art and science that demands that you treat each patient as an individual, ” says Ahlstrom.  “The impact that you can have on the lives of patients and families is really remarkable.  I will never forget the first time I saw a patient come into the office in a wheel chair and then walk out independently.  At that moment I was ‘hooked’ and knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”  

Ahlstrom has spent over 10 years in clinical practice, focusing solely on pediatrics. Currently, he is a Business Development Specialist with Transcend Orthotics and Prosthetics which covers central IN, western OH and northern KY.  He explains that restoration and quality of life for not only the patient, but for the patients’ family is what’s most important to him.  He continues to be astounded by the money and effort sacrificed by the families to care for their loved ones.  He strongly believes in the mission and vision set forth by Dralla and describes his association with Dralla as a “natural fit of like minded individuals.”  

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Darla and her family

Darla Clayton is a Clinical Psychologist that spent many years working in pediatrics and she is currently employed in a nursing home.  She brings a unique perspective to the Dralla Foundation Review Board as a parent of a child with a physical challenge.  Her son, Trent, has suffered a few strokes since he was a baby, causing him to be diagnosed with right side hemiparesis. Although he has had many challenges, he is very active, participating in National Junior Disability Championships, breaking records and even helping start an adaptive track and field team.  

Visit http://getbackuptoday.com/teamup/trent-clayton to learn more about Trent and you will realize the contribution Darla and her husband have made to help him have many “unforgettable” days.  “I am excited about serving on the Dralla board because Dralla helps some amazing organizations provide incredible experiences and that’s a pretty special thing to be a part of!”  
Clayton serves on the board for Adaptive Track and Field USA and formerly served on the board for Travelling Awareness Bears.  She has volunteered with Adaptive Sports USA, PA Center for Adaptive Sports, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, has been a volunteer peer mentor for Angioma Alliance, and volunteered for the Western PA Hemophilia Society.  


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