World T.E.A.M. Sports

The mission of World T.E.A.M. Sports is to provide athletic events to individuals with disabilities paired with individuals without disabilities.

2017-Dralla Foundation Adventure Team Challenge

The Dralla Adventure Team Challenge, Washington DC event brings an exciting physical outdoor adventure to inner-city children and teens with both physical and developmental challenges and offers an opportunity for kids to actively participate in an outdoor sporting event with able-bodied teammates/coaches. The Challenge features hiking, mountain bicycling and water sport stages. World TEAM Sports adapts each stage into an inclusive physical event which engages the body, mind and spirit of each athlete. The able-bodied coaches support and encourage their challenged teammates and together they overcome obstacles and finish each stage together. Regardless of physical ability, the teams must adapt and develop ways to help each other. Whether working together to carry a team member who does not walk or lend emotional encouragement during a difficult challenge, the participants bond with each other and find ways to mutually support each other’s differences.

(Pictures courtesy of Lisa Amore Photography)

2016-Dralla Foundation Adventure Team Challenge

“At the World TEAM sports event, I liked mountain biking the most because I like riding on rocky tracks. I like meeting new people and doing things together. It was a lot of fun working with my partner. My favorite football team is the Redskins. It was really cool that we had a Redskin trainer to warm us up. I never done canoeing before and it was really fun. I am so thankful that we had so many volunteers to help out with this event. I also would like to thank the best buddies for helping organizing this event. I had lots of fun and playing with other buddy friends. I thank everyone for helping out for this event and we all enjoyed and had so much fun. I can’t wait till we do another activity together.”
Jay Choi
“World Team Sports Adventure Day was an amazing experience for my son, Teddy. He loved being able to participate in all the activities. Teddy is an avid biker and especially enjoyed trying the recumbent bike. As his parents, we’re thrilled that he had this opportunity to try some new activities and spend the day with some awesome people. What a great experience! Thank you so much for planning such an inclusive event. It was great to see so many kids have the opportunity to be successful at these outdoor, athletic activities that are frequently inaccessible to them. We loved seeing all of their smiles and accomplishments.”
Kara Hackemer, parent of a participant in Dralla Foundation Adventure Team Challenge
“My son, Ryan was a participant in the 2016 World Team Sports Adventure Team Challenge Day with the Capital Area Best Buddies International. The event opened doors for Ryan that we believed were closed forever. At the age of 17, Ryan had not ridden a bike in 10 years having sustained a significant fall during his elementary years which produced tremendous fear. Not only did the staff accommodate his physical needs, but the encouragement and verbal praise that my son received from his buddy was unequaled. The pride in his day of achievement was manifest in the big smile that graced Ryan’s face; the sight brought tears to my eyes. The event is well organized and constructed, the staff is compassionate and competent and the memories made cannot be duplicated. We look forward to making this an annual red-letter day in Ryan’s life.”
Elizabeth Anderson, parent of a participant in Dralla Foundation Adventure Team Challenge

2011-Soccer Clinic at Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play

World T.E.A.M. Sports teamed up with two other local not-for-profit organizations to provide a soccer clinic at Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play. At this clinic, there were three teaching stations. Young disabled soccer players rotated between each station learning how to dribble, pass, shoot and goaltend.

2011-Adventure Teen Challenge

Adventure Teen Challenge is comprised of able-bodied and disabled teams competing in an outdoor sporting event. Together, they compete in this multisport event, navigating through a course until they cross the finish line. This helps the disabled teens build confidence and inspire others.

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