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STRIDE educates and empowers individuals with special needs in life-changing sport and recreation programs to sustain healthy, active and fun lifestyles.

2016-“I Can Ride” Bike Camp

“I Can Ride” bike camp is a unique program designed to teach kids with special needs to ride a two-wheeled bicycle using adaptive equipment. This unique five-day camp of bike riding is coordinated through iCan Shine who provides a fleet of adaptive bikes specifically designed to ensure success for all riders. The educational philosophy and the adaptive technology of the equipment produce impressive statistical evidence for success in youth with special needs. They also offer hand-cycling lessons to students with mobility impairments who would like the opportunity to ride a hand-cycle using arm pedaling.

Justin had a successful week at Bike Camp. Everyone there was incredible, encouraging, positive and enthusiastic. (And we were so lucky to have Justin’s PT since kindergarten, Elaine Hickey, there as well.) Justin has been riding his bike regularly since camp. He has been on the bike path in our community, he’s ridden to his elementary school and we rode our bikes home from his summer program. He wants to ride bikes all the time. He is learning how to change gears. Bike Camp was a wonderful experience.
Judy, parent of a participant of Bike Camp

2013-“I Can Ride” Bike Camp

2012-“I Can Ride” Bike Camp

“Mathew enjoyed the bike camp immensely and I am happy to say he is a riding fool. Kudos to all of you for making this happen. Mathew gets on his bike several times a day to either ride with us around the block or to ride over to his friend Brandon’s house which is five houses away. To my knowledge, Mathew has fallen once getting a skinned knee but that never detracted him from continuing to ride. We had been trying to teach Mathew to ride for two years before trying this camp. I wish we had heard of you sooner. Thank you to all who volunteered their time and worked with Mathew. My older son, who attended the camp twice to see how well Mathew did, is thinking about volunteering his time next year to the program. Thank you again to all.”
Lori, parent of a participant of Bike Camp
Zack is doing great!! Needs to practice more on our street as inclines/declines/narrow road- are harder for him then the flat/wide track. But just the fact that he can ride and say he can ride is HUGE!!!!! A big boost to his self-esteem- which he needed tremendously!Thank you all again! A special time for Zack and for me as his mom to watch him do something he has been trying and wanting for YEARS!
Lisa, parent of a participant of Bike Camp
Good morning. Bike camp was a complete success for Jack. He loved being able to master riding without training wheels and being outside. Since camp ended he has been riding his bike in the driveway every day and is so proud of himself. It was a blessing to our whole family to have Jack participate in the camp. We can’t wait for our vacation next week when we can all take a family bike ride together!
Donna, parent of a participant of Bike Camp

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