Stephen J Wampler Foundation

The mission of the Stephen J. Wampler Foundation is to provide a one of a kind wilderness experience to physically disabled children nationwide.  The Wampler Foundation’s belief is that nature teaches everyone that challenges can be overcome if we look beyond our own physical limitations in life.


2013-Hawley Lake Wilderness Program

Activities at the two-week wilderness experience include climbing, archery and many other adventures for 32 children and it is offered to them at no cost.


“I really like Camp WAMP.  It is always the most fun I have all year.  At camp I do a lot of things that I never do at home.  Like sleeping under the starts and doing survivor challenges.  It helps me to know that there are lots of things I can do.  I really like making new friends at Camp WAMP and staying in touch through facebook.  Camp WAMP is one of the best places I have ever been.  Everyone gets treated the same and no one is left out of doing things.  I miss camp a lot throughout the year.”
Kyla, Camp Wamp Participant
“Camp WAMP affects my life in so many positive ways that I would be one hundred years old by the time I finished this paper literally but let’s be realistic, I absolutely LOVE Camp WAMP. Camp WAMP proves that just because you have a disability that doesn’t allow you to do something doesn’t mean that you can’t figure out a different way to do something that suits your abilities. When I’m at Camp WAMP I feel safe, welcomed, comfortable, loved, free, cared for, but the one thing that I truly feel above all is accepted and that alone is indescribable for me personally. Camp WAMP is literally your home away from home. I’ve made a lot of great friendships at Camp WAMP that I know will last forever. I think Jenny the director is one of the funniest people I know and she cracks and says the most hilarious jokes and she says the most interesting funny things that I have heard in my life.  Steve is one of the most inspiring human beings that I ever met and I hope to have a life just like his!!! If it wasn’t for Steve and his family I would never be able to experience life the way I have over the past two years.”
Shelby, Camp Wamp Participant

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