Sports 4 All Foundation

The mission of Sports 4 All Foundation is to improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities by providing funding, equipment, programming, and education to enable full participation in sports, recreation and healthy activities.

2012-Project HEALTH

Project HEALTH provides adaptive fitness and nutrition classes that grant opportunities for health, socialization, and fun to people with disabilities.

“George is a member of the Special Kids program in Murfreesboro, TN. We met George through our past partnerships with this program. When we first met him, he used his wheel chair as his primary means to move. However, as he becomes stronger, he chooses to rely more and more on his walker to move around and engages more in physical activity and exercise. Since we first met George, his confidence to self-initiate activity and his motivation to improve have impressed all of the instructors who have come in contact with him. We are very excited about the great improvements in George’s mobility and attitudes towards health and exercise!”
“Bill is a former state champion football player in Tennessee. He was in a car accident in high school, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He is confined to a wheelchair and has minimal use of his right arm. However, Bill is a very active participant in our program at Hartman Community Center. He enjoys lifting weights and medicine ball tosses. As much as he loves participating, we love having him in class because his effort makes everyone take notice. He will now stand for brief periods of time aided by his caregiver. His interaction with peers has grown throughout the years and—we feel—has impacted his desire to continue taking part in the program as well as expanded his possibilities for physical activity.”

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