Shirley Ryan Ability Lab (formerly Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago)

Founded in 1954, RIC’s mission is to provide the highest quality patient care, research, and education in rehabilitation medicine. With compassion, hope, and creativity as the hallmarks of RIC’s service, all the institution’s efforts strive for the fullest assimilation and acceptance of people living with a wide array of physical conditions into the community.

2017-Dralla Day at the Water Park

Dralla Day at the Water Park is one of many activities provided by Shirley Ryan Ability Lab through their Caring for Kids Summer Camp.  Disadvantaged teens with physical conditions affecting ability will spend time in the water free of assistive devices, and learn basic swim and safety techniques through one-on-one volunteer support. Hidden Creek Water Park is highly accessible, providing a zero-depth pool for wheelchair users and accessible space for the group on the side of the pool.




2015-Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing

Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing is part of Caring for Kids – Summer Camp.  Participants experience sailing on beautiful Lake Michigan, learn about adaptive sailing and sailing terminology.  Participants also have the opportunity to steer the boat.

“I like putting my hand in the water and seeing the skyline of Chicago”
“It’s adventurous and relating and you discover new locations as you explore new lands”

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