Sail to Prevail

Sail to Prevail creates opportunities for disabled children and adults to overcome adversity through therapeutic sailing.  The overarching goal of the sailing program is to increase self-confidence, encourage teamwork, and build leadership skills.  In doing so, success in sailing instills positive data points in the minds of the individuals, continually creating positive experiences and attitudes, from which they can draw strength to assist in overcoming other challenges in their daily lives.

2013-Adaptive Sailing Program

Participants are not merely “taken for a boat ride”, but receive instruction so they actually learn to sail the boat! The overarching goal of the program is to increase confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and leadership skills.


“This summer was one to remember, interacting with so many people, from many different locations and with many different experiences, was an amazing experience.  It’s always wonderful to see so many people work very hard just to help both children and young adults build the confidence they need to succeed and achieve their dreams, it is always inspiring to see how people grow each year.  But this year, seeing old faces and connecting with new ones, the importance of a haven for children with disabilities was brought to light.  The idea that together anything is possible has been proven yet again, and as we prepare for next year, we hope to make a bigger difference in the lives of many individuals.  This summer I’ve seen and heard lives change, and as always it’s an honor to be part of such a great community.”
Jose, former participant, now volunteer in Adaptive Sailing

2012-Adaptive Sailing Program

“At first I never wanted to drive the boat, but after seeing the instructor do it – I decided I could do it also! If I can sail it made me realize I can do a lot with my life!”
Bethany, Participant in Adaptive Sailing
“I had such an amazing time when I went the first time…I enjoyed myself so much…Sail To Prevail has given me back a sense of normalcy, and freedom, that I use to have before MS became an issue.”
Jennifer Shortall, first time participant in Adaptive Sailing
“I want to convey to the entire staff of Sail To Prevail the absolutely fabulous time I enjoyed on my very first sailing adventure…I felt safe and secure…transferring me from my power chair into the boat. I will fondly remember the sense of freedom and relaxation while sailing…experience the exhilaration and feelings of true calmness while sailing because it will be a memory that will last a lifetime. Thanks…for making an important difference in the lives of individuals with limitations.”
Brenda J.Brown, first time participant in Adaptive Sailing

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