New England Handicapped Sports Association

NEHSA bears witness to the triumph of the human spirit by helping people with disabilities and their families enrich their lives through adaptive sports, recreation and social activities.

2012-NEHSA Summer Sports

NEHSA provides services for kayaking, rowing, tubing, water skiing and many social events.   The services for these sports include access to specialized equipment, access to highly skilled coaches, and individual instruction.

“NEHSA brought to my freedom of independence and instilled in me the promise that if I tried a new sport I’d have the supports in place to succeed. I went Kayaking with NEHSA and two of their volunteers, who coached me using the kayak to the best of my ability. I found freedom cutting through the water unhindered and unchecked by my mind and the “what if” scenarios. The experience was relaxing yet exciting and exhilarating and the friends I made that day will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you NEHSA for letting me try and giving me choices in barrier-free recreation sports such as Kayaking.”
Mark T. Race, Director, NH National Spinal Cord Injury Association & Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) Peer Support supervisor

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