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The mission of Kinetic Kids is to provide unique experiences through physical and creative activities, in a supportive environment, to children with special needs who may otherwise be excluded.

2018-Bike Camp

Kinetic Kids hosts an annual Bike Camp to assist children with special needs in learning to ride a traditional bicycle.  They partner with “iCan Shine” who provides specialized equipment, a bike mechanic, and trained personnel to act as a floor supervisor.  This is a very exciting time in the lives of these children and families. For many of these families, they previously thought that riding a bike would not be an attainable goal for their child. This time at camp will be used to wipe out those preconceived notions and to make the dream of riding a bike a reality!


“I think the I can Bike camp hosted by Kinetic Kids is one of the most efficacious and uplifting programs we have encountered to date. We have enrolled our daughter in multiple programs with promises of improved confidence, new abilities, making friends, etc. I can honestly say this program is the only program so far where we have seen concrete results in Emma. It was an amazing and inspiring week for the riders and their families — we found ourselves cheering for all the kids in Emma’s group and cried tears of joy as they all progressed. Emma’s wish was to learn how to ride a 2 wheel bike so she could be “like other kids”. Through Kinetic Kids, she was able to realize her goal in just one week. The I Can Bike program through Kinetic Kids was an amazing, life-changing week for Emma and our family and I can’t say enough good things about the program nor can I adequately express my deepest gratitude to Kinetic Kids.”
Robia G. Pautler, Ph.D

2017-Bike Camp

2016-Bike Camp

“It’s day 3 at Bike Camp and my kid has gone from being totally nervous because she doesn’t want to come after a bad experience on a bike, to smiling, happy, skipping and dancing. She’s flourishing in this environment. She rode her bike for the first time today with zero training wheels and we are ecstatic because it’s only day 3.”
Parent of a participant in Kinetic Kids Bike Camp
“I just want to thank everyone who helped support this program because you changed my sons life. He’s going to go into 4th grade this year with so much confidence because he knows how to ride a bike and he said: “Mom, this is amazing”. So, thank you.”
Parent of a participant in Kinetic Kids Bike Camp

2015-Bike Camp


2014-Bike Camp

“The Bike Camp that was provided by Kinetic Kids was absolutely fabulous! It was very well organized and professional. I knew my child was in the hands of caring, experienced individuals who knew what they were doing. They also made it fun and made it work for each individual. The volunteers were very sweet too. Sharp and I enjoyed each day and were able to take what we learned there and build on it at home to safely perfect his riding skills. Thank you Kinetic Kids!”
Diane Conoly, Parent of a Participant in Kinetic Kids Bike Camp
“I never thought my daughter could learn to ride a bike, let alone in only a week! The pride and self-confidence it gave her was priceless!”
Sabina Chowdhury , Parent of a Participant in Kinetic Kids Bike Camp

2013-Bike Camp

“As a parent of a child with a disability, there are so many things starting when they are born that you are told your child will not be able to do. It sometimes seems learning to accept all of the “won’t do this and won’t do that’s” – like it’s a series of the doors that will not be available or open for my child. With bike riding, once upon a time, we thought this was the case as well. We thought my son’s bike would never be used but just sit in the garage collecting dust. But now, with this program, we have something we can say MY CHILD CAN do this, my child has learned this skill! We now have one more thing to add to the CAN column and not the CANNOTs! So thank you everyone who makes this come true for my son and our family! Thank you to everyone for giving my child a chance to do something that up to this point has been too challenging for her. Her younger brother was learning and she was truly feeling discouraged. Bike riding will not only help her have a new means of exercise, but it will also open up opportunities to our family to do more things together as a unit. Thank you!”
Parent of a participant in Kinetic Kids Bike Camp

2012-Bike Camp

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