Jett Foundation

The Jett Foundation was founded with the mission of raising awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and improving the lives of those affected by Duchenne and other neuromuscular diseases.


2019-Dralla Block Party

Dralla Block party includes adaptive biking and archery as well as ice cream trucks, accessible lawn games and activities. It offers a wide variety of adaptive biking experiences to accommodate different mobilities of campers, allowing them to explore their surroundings in a new way.

“Biking was by far one of [my camper’s] favorite activities the whole week of camp. Jared over and over used the word ‘soothing’ to describe his experience. He loved the feeling of the wind in his face as we turned corners and had a big smile on his face the entire time. It was really special to be a part of one of his ‘first’ experiences and seeing
the joy it brought him.”
Nick, Counselor at Camp Promise-East
“Biking is one of favorite activities at Camp. I love it when we go fast. It feels like we’re flying but I feel safe.”
“The Adaptive Bike program at Camp Promise left such an indelible mark on [my son] that our community rallied and bought us an adaptive bike for us to use at home.”
Camper’s Mom, Camp Promise-Rockies

2018-Up, Up and Away Day

The summer of 2018 was the 10th anniversary of Camp Promise-West in Washington State.  An accessible hot air ballooning event marked this momentous occasion.  Jett Foundation worked with Reach 4 The Stars (R4TS), a nonprofit organization that pilots hot air balloons with wheelchair accessible passenger baskets. Every camper had the opportunity to go up into the hot air balloon.

“From the moment I learned that wheelchair accessible hot air balloons existed, I wanted to ride in one! When I found out one was coming to Camp Promise, I was as excited as Charlie Bucket when he found Willy Wonka’s last golden ticket! The ride was incredible, and definitely an experience I’ll never forget!”
Kris N.
“The hot air balloon was so cool. I liked it. I would recommend it every year!”
Gabe T.
“Going up in a hot air balloon was always something I wanted to do as a kid, but never thought it would be possible. Going up in the balloon at Camp Promise-West was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, the views were amazing and it felt really cool to be flying! It was very empowering to do something like this, something that I had always thought I wouldn’t be able to.”
Niki O.

2017-Dralla Day

Jett Foundation’s Camp Promise provides a barrier-free, week-long overnight camp for kids, teens, and adults with Muscular Dystrophy or select neuromuscular diseases. Dralla Day is a half day of cycling and a half day of archery during camp, both physical activities for which campers require specialized and adaptive equipment. We hope that campers not only have an unforgettable experience trying out these new and exciting pieces of adaptive equipment but that they enjoy it enough to pursue it further after camp.

“Thank you, Dralla Foundation, for giving me the opportunity to have New England Disabled Sports come out to camp for adaptive cycling! I’ve done other adaptive sports, but this was my FIRST TIME cycling. I felt so free flying down the hill with the wind in my face!”
Steph, participant of Dralla Day
“The adaptive cycling and archery were two of my favorite activities at Camp Promise. Biking around the camp with my friends was an experience I won’t soon forget.”
Cal, participant of Dralla Day
“Sitting in the front of the adaptive bicycle was something that I never experienced before and something that I look forward to doing again next year!”
Aaron, participant of Dralla Day

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