Ivey Ranch

Ivey Ranch Park is dedicated to encourage the interaction of disabled and able bodied children, of all ages, by providing educational and recreational activities.  Since 1981 we have served children and adults with disabilities but will not exclude the able bodied, since integration, inclusion and interaction are important components of our program.

2011-Therapeutic Riding

In therapeutic riding, clients with special needs come together with a professional instructor, horse leader, side-walkers, and their special mount to experience a pleasurable activity. They learn the rules, the techniques of horsemanship, and methods of controlling their bodies to make the human-to-horse interaction meaningful. And they gain a richness in their lives that might otherwise never be. A therapeutic riding program for children with special needs encourages physical activity, regular participation, inclusive and interactive behaviors, and good sportsmanship, which ensure that child a better chance for well-rounded development as a community member.

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