Heroes on the Water

Heroes on the Water helps wounded warriors relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate through kayak fishing and the outdoors.  Our primary focus is on getting the warriors out for a relaxing day on the water, catching fish from kayaks.  Kayak fishing shatters their perceived limits and in a short time they are in command of their kayak, exploring the water, and enjoying the challenge of hooking the big one.

2015-Tight Lines for Warriors and Families

Injured active duty service members, veterans and their family members/caregivers have exceptional experiences in the outdoors around kayak fishing…no experience necessary. Being in a kayak out on the water equalizes the playing field and builds confidence for individuals with disabilities. Enjoying the recreational sport with family and friends creates positive memories.

“We deploy down here to the coast, backed by Heroes on the Water, backed by Dralla, to go do what we know HOW to do. It feels like people are setting us up to succeed and that people want to see us succeed and do well.”
Tim Voss

2013-Kayak Fishing – Happy Families

Families of warriors enjoy the recreational sport of kayak fishing together on a special day just for them.

“I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is an amazing experience to be surrounded by the wide variety of vets and volunteers that come to HOW’s events. HOW works so hard to make sure that every vet feels appreciated and supported. We would have been happy with just getting to fish and spend time on the water as a family, but HOW upped the game even more for Veteran’s Day and showered the vets with gifts. It was incredible to look around and see all of the smiling faces of vets, families, and volunteers alike.”
Vanessa Campbell

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