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Gateways Community Services is a private non-profit corporation created in 1981 to establish and maintain programs and services which promote growth and independence for individuals with developmental disabilities. Gateways delivers services to over 3,400 individuals with disabilities, children with physical, chronic disabilities, families coping with autism, and seniors in need of care. Gateways Community Services believes that all people are of great value. We provide innovative, high-quality, long-term services to support individuals throughout their lifetime, so they can lead meaningful lives.

2019-Dralla Day at Conway Arena

Dralla Day at Conway Arena is an adaptive skating event offered by the Gateways Community Services Partners in Health program in conjunction with Northeast Passage. Partners in Health serves families of children with Chronic Health Conditions that include, but are not limited to, Dystonia, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Hemiplegia, and Cerebral Palsy. Northeast Passage provides adaptive equipment, staff, and volunteers to pair up with the children in the program. Dralla Day at Conway Arena creates an environment where individuals with physical challenges can enjoy adaptive skating with the same freedom and independence as their peers.

“Our 11-year-old daughter Alexa had a great time at the Adaptive Skating Winter Carnival. Among other things she has muscle weakness and a trach from a brain tumor, so she is not able to participate in most sports. She was thrilled that she could skate with the help of the Skate Aides and her Dad. She also enjoyed the pizza, hot chocolate and face painting. And I enjoyed the time with other parents of children with physical challenges. We don’t have many opportunities like that, so it was a great time for the whole family and very much appreciated.
We would like to thank the Dralla Foundation for making this possible.”
Participant in Dralla Day at Conway Arena


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