Fishing Has No Boundaries

The mission of Fishing Has No Boundaries is to enrich the lives of persons with disabilities by providing information and education about the recreational value of fishing, promotion of participation in this leisure activity, development of accessible outdoor facilities and equipment, and advocacy for inclusion in all outdoor recreation and leisure opportunities.  We open the great outdoors to all disabled through the world of fishing by creating 2 or 3 day “On the Water” and “On Shore” angler fishing events.

2013-Fishing Event

Fishing Has No Boundaries events focus on providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to enjoy the great outdoors and the sport of fishing regardless of their disability.

Northern IL event has a story to tell about Anthony. This young man came with his Mom for the first time this year. Anthony had taken an interest in fishing as his Dad is an avid fisherman. Anthony’s success is more than the 14 fish he caught. It was the sharing with the volunteers on the boat. As the rain started and efforts were made to get everyone into shore one volunteer on Anthony’s boat was making sure everything was o.k., Anthony asked with all the excitement around “Please drive faster I want to feel the rain on my face.” First time participant I do hope it will not be his last, for he makes it all worth our efforts to share life as it is and value what we have.
Northern IL event

2012-Equipment Project

This project provides fishing opportunities for all anglers with disabilities and creates public awareness and promotes advocacy for the challenges to accessible recreational opportunities.

“This is the one time I can get together with other members of our support group and share my outdoor experiences with them. For me fishing is the one form of relaxation I enjoy the most. A mess of freshly caught fish for dinner is great and for me at least is just a bonus. I’m fortunate enough to fish, camp, and boat with my family. But going with those who don’t have this opportunity and helping to encourage them that it is great way to get away from the daily grind of everyday living and relax. My injury is at the C5-C6 level and is incomplete leaving me some sensation. The injury occurred on July 12, 1990 making my injury some 22 years ago and even after I had spent nearly an entire year in rehab going fishing is the one thing that kept me going at times when my therapy got tough or seemed to be going nowhere. When I look back at the Fishing Has No Boundaries events that I have participated in I’ve made new friends and learned just how much others care about allowing equal access and or opportunity to enjoy a sport I grew up with and I still love to this day. The Captains of these boats take two days out of their busy schedules to take us where many of us would normally never get the chance to go. And I thank them for their commitment to give us the opportunity to enjoy the lake the best way we can.”
“Dad and I had a great time at the Fishing Has No Boundaries outing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 9/08/12. After a morning on the boat with no luck, we took a break for lunch. We tried fishing from the pier and Dad was able to catch his first fish since his stroke, as well as several more! He won the $1 for the first fish. Luckily I evened up the score by catching the biggest, my first Sturgeon. It made for a great day. Dad went from working 6 days a week, to having a stroke on June 13, 2012. After 2 months of rehab at St Luke’s Hospital, he came home to continue in his recovery. This was our first major outing in getting back to what Dad enjoyed before the stroke!!”

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