Daring Adventures (formerly River of Dreams)

Daring Adventures provides youth and adults the opportunity to experience wilderness and outdoor adventure regardless of disability, medical illness or financial need.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through the power of outdoor recreation.

2015-River Rampage Summer Youth Experience

River Rampage pairs disabled and at-risk teens on a five-day, four-night life-changing adventure. With the river being a great equalizer, teens learn acceptance, tolerance, healthy risk taking and are partnered with adult “sidekicks” to guide them on the journey. Youth with physical and cognitive impairments have included traumatic brain injury, autism, Down syndrome, amputation, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries. During the River Rampage, teens hike to visit petroglyphs and Anasazi ruins, make a slip and slide from the bottom of a boat, learn to kayak, participate in talent shows and sharing circles. The bonds that the youth form and the lessons they learn are unforgettable. Many teens come back years later as volunteers.


“The best part of the trip was being able to build a bond with people I did not know in the beginning”
River Rampage Participant
“The best part of the trip was getting to meet a whole bunch of friends and getting to form new relationships”
River Rampage Participant

2013-River Rampage

River Rampage is an outdoor adventure program for individuals who have disabilities that takes place over the course of 4 days and develops a “can do” attitude.

“And all of the labels friends and family put on us were washed away by the river. The beauty of the mountains and your faces along with the flow of the river and your go with the flow approach has changed me and us. …we have learned to adapt and be patient with the situation and the people around us. One last thing I discovered on the last day…in a duckie, William and I hit a large rock in the middle of the river, the only rock in the river, I thought to myself, that is like the frustrations back home. Without going near them, and sometimes hitting them, we will never discover the outer limits and abilities to grow or overcome.”
Vic, volunteer
“Being a parent of a child with significant needs, you get very used to doing everything yourself. As the needs increase, it gets harder and harder to let someone else help. Before you know it, both you and your child can get a bit isolated. Sending my son on the River Rampage was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My son learned that it was ok to let others help him and that he could trust getting out to explore his dreams. Meanwhile, I was also able to rest knowing my son was not only in capable hands but also having the time of his life. Thank you River of Dreams for teaching us both how to take care of one of the most important aspects of my son’s care…his spirit.”
Jill, Parent of the participant of River Rampage

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