Catalyst Sports

The mission of Catalyst Sports is to empower people by providing the highest quality of adaptive sports to individuals with physical disabilities.


2019-The Unforgettable Way

The Unforgettable Way takes place from September 20th through October 4th.  This trip is a once in a life time opportunity for people with physical disabilities to travel abroad and be a part of a historic, life changing pilgrimage. Leslie King of Catalyst Sports along with Carly and Sharon were selected out of hundreds of applications to join the “I’ll PUSH YOU” team ( to go on a 100-mile journey on “The Camino de Santiago”. This trail meanders through towns, hill, mountains, vineyards and open fields leading to the Cathedral in Santiago, Spain.  This is a unique and special opportunity for Dralla Foundation to make the ultimate unforgettable experience possible for people with physical challenges!

2018-3rd Annual Adaptive Sports Expo

This year was the biggest Adaptive Sports Expo to date.  This event makes it possible for participants to take part in recreational sports activities that they would never otherwise be able to participate in.  Dralla sponsored unforgettable experiences in adaptive golf and adaptive climbing. The goal is to challenge and empower the disabled community by introducing them to new activities in an environment where they can exchange stories, share experiences, and encourage each other to persevere.

“Kayaking was amazing! I met incredible people. Thank you.”
Participant of Adaptive Sports Expo
“This was an amazing event that demonstrates the range of sports for people of all sorts. I loved learning and participating with these athletes.”
Participant of Adaptive Sports Expo

2017-2nd Annual Adventure Sports Expo

Adventure Sports Expo is an annual event designed to give individuals with physical challenges (ages 5 and up) with an unforgettable day filled with adaptive athletics. This all-day event makes it possible for participants to take part in recreational sports activities that they would never otherwise be able to participate in. Adventure Sports Day offers participants the distinct opportunity to be exposed to three different sports: kayaking, cycling, and climbing.

“Thank you for a wonderful, fun and educational experience! Please do this every year”
Participant of Adventure Sports Expo
“What a remarkable event, I met outstanding people, learned tremendous things and had an amazing time, Thank you thank you thank you”
Participant of Adventure Sports Expo

2016-Adventure Sports Expo


“I am an amputee and this was an extremely rewarding program. We had no idea this type of went on in Knoxville but meeting so many others like me and seeing so many adaptive sports I can take part in has been really positive. Thank you so much for hosting this!”
“This is my first time participating in Catalyst events. It’s been incredible hearing people’s stories of perseverance and determination. Thank you for educating me and my community.”

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