Camp Jabberwocky

Camp Jabberwocky exists to provide a residential vacation camp for people with disabilities.  We provide recreation and enrich the lives of our campers by creating a supportive environment that promotes the fulfillment of human potential and fosters independence and self-determination while respecting diversity.

2019- Dralla BiPlane Adventures

Camp Jabberwocky took to the skies for Dralla BiPlane Adventures to helping bring campers and counselors into the clouds above Martha’s Vineyard, doing loop-the-loops and looking for sharks out in the ocean! This is a unique opportunity for the whole community, especially campers with physical disabilities who will get the chance to get out of their wheelchairs and into a vintage, red Bi-Plane for a tour of the island.

2018- Dralla Day on the Catamaran

Dralla Day on the Catamaran is a day where campers have the opportunity to participate on the Mad Max catamaran sail around Edgartown Harbor on Martha’s Vineyard. No wheelchairs are able to go on the catamaran, so everyone is taken out of their chairs and put on the netting between the catamaran hulls where they can feel the salt water and enjoy some sunshine.

“Although she can not talk, Lucy expresses emotion by laughing and squealing with joy and kicking her right leg, which we call dancing! We know that Lucy loved the Mad Max because while her counselor was holding her on her lap on the deck, she was laughing and giggling and dancing!”
A camper who is unable to speak had someone else reflect on her time on the boat

2013-Water Sports Activity

Camp Jabberwocky is an overnight camp that accommodates children and adults with a wide spectrum of disabilities. it has aimed to provide the quintessential summer camp experience to those often excluded from camps that were not designed to meet their particular needs. The water sports activities that are part of the camp include sailing, parasailing, and jet skiing.

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