Adaptive Sports Foundation

The Adaptive Sports Foundation provides profound and life-changing opportunities for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities and chronic illnesses through outdoor physical activity, education, support, and community.

2018- Dralla Race4All

Dralla Race4All is a one-day unified sports event put on by Adaptive Sports Foundation that pairs children with disabilities with athletes without disabilities to compete together in a race at the Windham Mountain Resort. Their teams are made up of one athlete with a disability and one able-bodied athlete. These teams compete throughout the day, receiving medals and awards at the end. Race4All focuses on giving children with disabilities a chance to compete and practice physical activity with their partner in an inclusive environment where the two work together as a team.

2017- Dralla Race4All


2016- Dralla Race4All

“Being able to race with my son and daughter was awesome! After 3 ½ years of hardship and 3 seasons of hard work on the slopes, being able to share and do this great family sport with them, and showing them that you have to adjust in life and take the positive and always go forward, is priceless. It feels great to have my kids, and wife back around fun activities for us all. Waiting for next years’ race to try beating him!! Thank you Dralla Foundation and Adaptive Sports Foundation for giving us the opportunity to enjoy life again through this great sport.”
-Jose Morales and Family

2012- ASF Winter Program

The Winter Program supports efforts to promote active physical play for individuals with disabilities through a multi-pronged program that features three primary approaches, outdoor physical activity opportunities through recreational ski, snowboard, yoga, snowshoe and personal fitness programs, winter sports programs for severely injured US troops and their families and the ASF Ski and Snowboard Team for competitive athletes with both physical and cognitive disabilities.

“Thank you ever so much for the time and the trip. I do not know how to thank you because this morning, my children called me and said, “Dad, when can we go back skiing”. I was in tears that my children and I shared this weekend. I just want to thank you for the time you have given to me to hear and understand where I am coming from. I do really appreciate everyone who has opened up their arms to my family. I hope that you keep us involved in other events…..I needed it, and my children and wife were thrilled and glad to know that someone cares for soldiers.”
-Charles Hernandez and Valor, participants in the Winter Program

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