Darla Clayton

Darla Clayton is a Clinical Psychologist that spent many years working in pediatrics and she is currently employed in a nursing home.  She brings a unique perspective to the Dralla Foundation Review Board as a parent of a child with a physical challenge.  Her son, Trent, has suffered a few strokes since he was a baby, causing him to be diagnosed with right side hemiparesis. Although he has had many challenges, he is very active, participating in National Junior Disability Championships, breaking records and even helping start an adaptive track and field team. 

Visit http://getbackuptoday.com/teamup/trent-clayton to learn more about Trent and you will realize the contribution Darla and her husband have made to help him have many “unforgettable” days.  “I am excited about serving on the Dralla board because Dralla helps some amazing organizations provide incredible experiences and that’s a pretty special thing to be a part of!” 

Clayton serves on the board for Adaptive Track and Field USA and formerly served on the board for Travelling Awareness Bears.  She has volunteered with Adaptive Sports USA, PA Center for Adaptive Sports, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, has been a volunteer peer mentor for Angioma Alliance, and volunteered for the Western PA Hemophilia Society. 

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