Beth Deloria

Beth Deloria has been using Allard’s ToeOFF and Ypsilon braces since 2005. Since then, she frequently attends trade shows and other events to tell her story. It started in 2004, when she suffered spinal trauma. After subsequent surgeries left her with foot drop, Deloria had tremendous difficulties walking. It was in 2005 that she started a search for braces that would help her to walk again. That is when she found Allard USA and was fit with new braces.

Originally, Beth had run in her first Boston Marathon at 3:44:34 in 2001. After a difficult journey of re-learning to walk and then run with her new braces, she beat her time at 3:39:26. In January 2012 she began working with Allard USA as Manager of Community Outreach and that year alone she ran in over 20 half marathons spreading the message to others that they can “Get Back Up” and she is set to do it again in 2013. Her involvement with Dralla is part of her personal mission to raise awareness for people with mobility issues.

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The mission of Dralla Foundation is to support programs geared toward providing an environment for children and adults with physical challenges to have fun!

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