James “Jamie” Button

James “Jamie” Button, CEO of Allard USA, Inc.  He is a longtime running enthusiast and accomplished marathoner, competing in his first Boston Marathon in 1982 and running his personal record of 2:59:45 in the 1992 New York City Marathon.  He also holds an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Jamie became acquainted with Allard USA in 2011 after a serious mishap with a chainsaw severed the peroneal nerve just below his left knee, leaving him unable to flex his ankle to lift his foot. Button found himself among the thousands of Americans who suffer from a disorder known as foot drop.  He resolved not to allow foot drop to smother his passion for distance running. “I run for my health, for enjoyment, and for the feeling of freedom it gives me,” he says. “I’m simply unwilling to give it up due to my accident.”

The help he needed came in the form of special orthotic braces manufactured by Allard USA. Using their braces, he regained mobility and returned to his training regimen in time to compete in the 2012 Boston Marathon, just five months after his accident. Now he no longer requires a brace.

Jamie explains his decision to serve on the Dralla foundation Review Board. “Providing other challenged people with the opportunity to lead richer lives through independent mobility and healthful exercise is rewarding” he says.

He currently serves on the West Morris Regional High School District Board of Education.  

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The mission of Dralla Foundation is to support programs geared toward providing an environment for children and adults with physical challenges to have fun!

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